New Wedding Trends 2018 and beyond!

I love looking at wedding sites and venues and decor and seeing how these ideas, colours and themes have evolved to bring ever more content and choice for brides. I have to admit when I was first married back in the 70s the dress I had would be considered “boho” now – it just shows that some things come around regularly!! However I never guessed there would be Tipis and ice cream or candy carts, or naked cakes ( mine was three tiers of fruit cake and weighed a ton!) or that so much attention could be spent on invitations and Chair Dressing!!

In the spirit of enlightenment and sharing what might be the newest now trends to include in your wedding, I’m adding this fabulous Blog by TheWed, who talked to my fabulous friends at The Celebrant Directory – so just get your coffee and your notepad and enjoy!!

The Wed blog on New Trends!

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