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Yvonne the Celebrant is in a blue dress in between a bride and groom standing either side of her holding a glass of champagne.  Everyone is smiling into camera.  The are in a field which is next to a vineyard in suffolk, and there is a tented tipi behind them.
Tami and Sam at Shotley Vineyard Suffolk. A bilingual Ceremony filled with love, music and happy tears! Photo Credit Nicholas Wallace

Hello there! I’m Yvonne, an award winning Bilingual Wedding Celebrant, creating  modern, heart-centred ceremonies filled with charm, humour and romance, in England and Europe. Having created ceremony for over 475 wonderful couples since completing my training in 2011, I have the experience, expertise, passion and creativity to ensure your Ceremony is just as fabulous as you are, capturing the essence, feelings and spirit of adventure that have brought you to this moment.

Embrace your uniqueness!   

Challenge tradition but respect your values!

Revel in your sense of adventure, with zero regrets! 

As the heart of your Wedding, let’s give your Ceremony 100% attention, include everything and everyone you want, so that you know you will just love every single moment!  

Your vision is of a Wedding Day filled with love and laughter, storytelling and meaning, and which truly represents you both in respect of your beliefs and values.   The person leading this important milestone in your lives has to be someone you know will be there for you 100%,  who will take time, get to know and understand you, and be there however long it takes, guiding, advising, supporting and caring about all the details, and take every step with you.   

I promise,  by choosing me as your Celebrant, whether your Ceremony is in England, Germany, Europe or beyond,  in English or in German;  your vision, your story, and your ceremony will be in safe and experienced hands.  Since training in Marriage and Family Celebrancy with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in 2011, I have officiated several hundred wonderful amazing and unique Weddings, Vow Renewals and Elopements, many of which I am proud to share on my Real Weddings page .  

Yvonne, thank you for putting together such a wonderful personalised wedding ceremony for us! You weren’t given much time (about a week if I remember rightly) to pull everything together, from chatting with us to see if we were the right fit, to writing a personalised ceremony which we wouldn’t change in a million years, even given more time. I wish you every success with your business and to anyone looking for a warm, loving and caring celebrant to conduct their ceremony I can’t recommend Yvonne enough. Chantell and Simon

Marriage is an exciting step in your lives, and celebrating your love, your future hopes and dreams, in a celebrant led ceremony is truly special, as it will reflect you as a couple and as individuals, and contain your authentic voice and personality.  Not only that, it will make you feel the way you want to feel:  happy, relaxed, and completely present in the moment, along with your family and friends.  There are no templates,  and we can have as much or as little formality as you wish – there is a space for fun, laughter, happy tears, for those you love to take part, and for those who cannot be there to be acknowledged and honoured.  


Yvonne is wearing a blue lace dress and standing in between the wedding couple.  She is reading from a large book which contains their surprise wedding Script.  The Bride and Groom are facing each other and smiling.  They are holding their elopement ceremony next to a mountain lake.
Sarah and Logan eloped  and held a beautiful personal ceremony at a mountain lake in Bavaria, Germany.   Photo and film www.aneta_lehotska.com

Every love story is unique, and therefore deserves to be celebrated as such, without restrictions on content, format, time, location and time of day, and offer the freedom to express yourself however you choose.  Don’t want to exchange rings?  Then don’t.  There are many other ways to show your commitment to each other.  Want to be traditional but incorporate modern ideas? Of course!  There’s the adventure of creating something new, something that you can both continue to celebrate as the years go by.   Let’s chat in detail!  My creativity is there to support you!   

Feel shy about speaking in front of others,  or not sure about what you want to say?  Let me guide you with my experience and let’s adapt the ceremony so that you feel completely at ease. Vows can be reshaped so they become questions, to which you simply answer by saying ” I do”.  If your vow writing needs a hand, I am there to listen and support you. I am a firm believer in equality, in Marriage,  as well as in everyday life,  and believe that every couple should celebrate their relationship and commitment to each other in any way they choose!

So you really can think outside the box when it comes to planning your Celebrant – led Ceremony, for your Wedding, or Elopement, or Renewal of Vows!  I am here to say a big fat YES to everything, and let’s include all your ideas!  

So, what’s next? Just a very simple but important process: 

The Process


My process is just a few simple steps, outlined below, and begins with a with a video call or face to face meeting (depending on where in the world we are! :)) to hear all about your love story, your wedding plans and ideas, and answer your questions, and to check that we really would be a great fit as I will be probably be working closely with you for several months so it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident,  as well as excited and enthusiastic (as I know I will be!). 


Yvonne the Wedding Celebrant is standing in between a bride and groom who are holding champagne glasses, as is she.  The couple are standing in the grounds of a lovely hotel and manor house in Hertfordshire
J and A at Micklefield Hall Herts  (my iphone!)

Following our call, I will confirm what we’ve discussed,  and provide you with a full quotation, and my terms which you can also find at the bottom of my web page. Your price will be fixed when you book, and won’t be subject to any price increases unless of course you decide to change the content of your original package, which will then be quoted separately for you.  So from a budgeting point of view, 2023 prices will also be held as fixed for 2024 weddings.  





As I only book one ceremony on any one date, and sometimes book out a complete weekend or three days for your wedding, again depending on where it will be held and how much travel is needed, it is important to contact me as soon as you can after choosing your venue, as significant dates from May to September are booked out very quickly, and I hate to disappoint. In the event I am booked though, I have a little book of fabulous Celebrants I can share with you.    


Once we have had our call, and you’ve decided to book, I will then email you my Booking Form, Terms and Conditions, and following your confirmation and payment of the £200/Euro200  Booking Fee, I will email you the couple’s questionnaire, any additional resources, supplier recommendations should you need any, and set out some guidetimes for responses and scheduling your ceremony writing so that everything flows as smoothly as possible.  


On the day I will arrive at least an hour earlier than the ceremony start time, introduce myself to key people in your wedding party, as well as your photographer and of course if you have German speaking guests, I am happy to meet and greet and support you.  My setting up time is no more than 10 minutes, so I am happy to offer my services and help where needed.  Everything will have been worked out well beforehand, with the script ready around 4 weeks before your wedding day, so you can relax knowing your Ceremony, and your Celebrant, is all prepared for you.  

Should you wish to have a rehearsal, we can of course do either a walk through video call or as I am always in the area the day or evening before your Wedding Day, I am more than happy to hold a rehearsal at your venue at no additional cost. 

Let's Chat

If you prefer to email rather than call, ping me a message at ivvey@hotmail.com,  or book a Zoom call with me using my Calendly link and we can get straight on to chatting about your fabulous plans and I can send you your quotation and any additional resources. 


About me, and my Journey to becoming a Celebrant! 

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My Celebrant journey began in 2003 when I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding in Australia, and was blown away by her totally personalised Ceremony, not just the location in a vineyard on a mountain top overlooking the ocean, but also the relaxed format and the amount of personal content. 

I really loved the freedom they had in terms of their ceremony, and when asked if I would like to speak to their Celebrant, I was excited and curious!  I was totally enchanted with the role : blending real love stories with wonderful meaningful rituals and creating magic and memories!  In 2011, I stepped back from a long career in public service, and began my career as a Family and Marriage Celebrant after completing my Training in May 2011, and am proud to be a member of  the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

Since moving to Germany in 2017, I offer destination English/Bilingual Weddings, Elopements and Vow Renewals, both in the UK as well as in beautiful locations in Europe, predominatly Switzerland, Austria and Germany where there are such beautiful outdoor locations, historic venues, fabulous activities all year round and a great start to the adventure that is your Marriage! 

Returning to speaking my first language, and to offer this as a particularly inclusive part of a ceremony, is a real joy and again I have a deep sense of gratitude and pride in being able to include language, quotes and even traditional rituals in my ceremonies, whatever language you decide it should be!

Get in touch soon by clicking Let’s Chat button or via WhatsApp +7800543426, emailing ivvey@hotmail.com or using the contact form on my Ceremony Prices and Packages page.

I can’t wait to hear about your plans! 

Warmest Wishes

Yvonne ♥

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Several photos in a collage style showing a couple reading their marriage vows, at a lake by a mountain in Bavaria. They also hold hands, and carry out a beer blending ceremony which units them and their families.  The couple are eloping without any family present.  There is just the Celebrant, Yvonne Beck in attendance.
Melissa and Shane held their wonderful elopement at Lake Eibsee, Bavaria. It included personal vows, a hand tying, and a Beer Blending. Photos www.inlovewithawolf.com

Kind words from Melissa and Shane after their beautiful personal Elopement “Our celebrant..Yvonne Beck, is a Wedding Celebrant who understood the need and desire for this ceremony even though we had already had one, who wrote the most heartfelt and personal things to say and did 2 beautiful traditional German wedding practices. Thank you Yvonne! “



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