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Tami and Sam had a Bilingual Ceremony with a Wine Blending, at Shotley Vineyard Suffolk, photo credit Nicholas Wallace

Congratulations!   If you are planning your Wedding, Vow Renewal, Commitment or Naming Ceremony, and are looking for a personal, inclusive and sincere ceremony, full of meaning, and truly represents you and your beliefs and values, then you are on the right page, and you will be in safe hands!  I believe that every love story is unique, and therefore deserves a unique ceremony – don’t you?   Every family has it’s own story and sharing life’s major milestones is important, to make those lasting memories.  I am a firm believer in equality and that every couple should be able to celebrate in any way they choose!  

I am passionate about writing totally personalised, heart-centred sincere Wedding, Vow Renewal, Elopement and Naming Ceremonies for couples and families.  Each one is so very special.  Your Wedding ceremony is the heart of your day,  and should authentically represent you, your style, ideas, personalities, so it will not be a “one size fits all” template, where only the names are changed.  I want you to have exactly what you have dreamed of, without restrictions on timing, format, content and location, and a ceremony that is totally tailored to reflect your ideas, values and beliefs.   

Whatever your style, – fun, quirky, alternative, modern but with a traditional twist, themed, vintage, fusion, spiritual, religious, secular, intimate,  inclusive, creative, personal, – your ceremony will  be all about you, and will celebrate you in the way you want.   Just get in touch and let’s discover what you’re looking for, and let me guide and help you!  

I adore working as a Wedding and Family Celebrant, not just because I am a “people person” and get incredibly excited about love stories, romance and weddings, but because I can offer so much choice for a couple – and create something unique and magical.  It’s really important to me that you have that choice, and that your ceremony contains your voice, and your personality. It’s also important to me, that everyone has the chance to celebrate their relationship in the way they wish, irrespective of their lifestyle.   Get in touch and let’s just talk about your plans, and get to know one another a little.  Then, if you’d like to book, we can take things from there. Full details about how I work and what you can expect from me are in my Terms and Conditions here. Just call +44 7800 543 426  or email me personally at ivvey@hotmail.com, or simply use the contact form here
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Tian and Andre’s ceremony at the Patrick Hellmann Schloss Hotel Berlin, was a beautiful fusion of East meets West!
Wedding beautifully captured by The Happy Lovers!


I am really proud three of my wedding ceremonies and couples were featured in Blogs by two of the top 10 Wedding Bloggers, – the fabulous Rock My Wedding featured Kate and Peppy’s Wedding and Ceremony at the fabulous Ham Yard Hotel in London, which you can read here and  the gorgeous Abby and Andrew, whose Ceremony was held at the iconic Asylum Chapel Peckham, and which you can read  here  . Nicole and Trung’s wedding at Queens House, Greenwich, was featured on the gorgeous Love My Dress Blog, and you can read all about it here.

My journey to becoming a Celebrant began when I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding in Australia, and was blown away by the totally personalised Ceremony, after which I was able to chat with their Celebrant. I was totally enchanted with the role : blending stories with rituals and creating magic and memories!  In 2011, I changed track, trained with the UK College of Celebrancy and joined the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. 

Since then I have created and delivered over 250 ceremonies for amazing couples!  Since moving to Germany in 2017 I have been  celebrating Weddings, Elopements and Vow Renewals in the UK and in beautiful locations in Europe.  And as a native German speaker, I’ve written ceremonies in  both languages, and love that it gives an extra special touch  to the occasion, and ensures everyone feels special and included.

I now divide my time between London/Home Counties, and the beautiful  city of Potsdam,  just outside Berlin.  Steeped in the history of Prussian Emperors and Russian Tzars, it has stunning romantic outdoor parks and castles, as well as beautiful woodland, forest and lakes! I am also not far from beautiful mountains and lakes of Bavaria where I’ve been lucky to have conducted several gorgeous outdoor wedding and elopements!  Should you wish to go for an  elopement ceremony in Germany then take a look at some of these beautiful locations – can you imagine yourself saying your wedding vows here?  I will of course travel anywhere in the World for your wedding, so do ask about my destination packages! I work closely with a small number of excellent Wedding Planners in the UK and Europe and together we can create your dream day! 

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A Personal Message!  Yvonne Beck Personal Message to website visitors from Yvonne Beck on Vimeo. Aha, you’re still with me!  Thank you!! 🙂  I just wanted to add a more personal message! I have had two wonderfully exciting wedding seasons since moving to Germany in 2017 with my husband.  I’ve reconnected  with the language of my childhood, and can offer couples bespoke bilingual wedding ceremonies in Germany and in the UK. My mum was German, dad was an English soldier and until we located to England permanently I spent a great deal of my young years in Germany, and with my German Oma/grandmother, who told me so many stories about the war, and what life was like, and made me realise how important storytelling is to us, as families and individuals.  German was my first language, and we spoke it at home until I thought it was uncool in front of my teenage friends in England.  Getting back in touch with my German roots has been amazing, not least happily indulging in the German afternoon custom of “kaffee und kuchen” – coffee and cake! I love travelling, taking endless photos of sunsets and flowers, and invariably wherever I go, I am usually thinking  “will this work as a wedding venue” or “wow this would be great as a wedding location” !  I am a sucker for romance!  Two of my most loved and watched films are Casablanca, and Sleepless in Seattle – about love stories that transcend time, and distance! I love Weddings and Celebrations that confirm the best we have to offer – our hearts and our care.  Romance and storytelling are really a wonderful part of my life, and I want to share that passion with you, by giving you the Ceremony you have always dreamed of!   Warmest wishes Yvonne
Proud to have been asked to be a Judge for The Wedding Business Awards 2020
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