Who’s Walking You down the Aisle?

So many couples are looking for a mixture of the traditional customs as of course they’ve been tried and tested, but also want something with a ‘modern twist’. And why not?!

It’s your day-it’s great to be able to make all the big and little decisions. The entry of A bride with her father is something we’ve seen many times – but it’s not the only way. The traditional way of walking with father on her left so that he could draw his Sword with his right hand to ensure she was protected doesn’t always resonate with today’s modern couples.  There is a move away from the idea of ” being given away” nowadays,  but it is still important to many brides and to LGBTQIA couples, that they want to feel supported by someone close at this moment, and soothe those nerves!

Weddings are all about ritual, meaning and yes, tradition – but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk up the aisle in a totally differnt way to anyone else!  So yes, walk in together, or with your pet, or just on your own, or ask your bestie.  There really are many many options, so if you’re wondering how to plan this moment in your wedding ceremony, then take a look at  the advice and suggestions another lovely celebrant – Emily- has for you!!

Dive into Emily’s blog, for wedding procession insights and great tips to personalise this awesome moment!

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