Why you need a Celebrant for an Elopement!


Since I became a Celebrant in 2011 I’ve noticed quite a few changes happening in how couples want to celebrate their wedding.

It’s clear that they want to be more involved, more hands-on, make more decisions about the who what where and when of their wedding and also the How of their day.

They also take more responsibility for their wedding budget, often planning and saving for several years in order to have the wedding they truly want, and also to relieve any pressure from well intentioned family or friends in terms of their choices. It’s very much “their day their way”. I absolutely applaud this. It’s definitely less stressful to be able to make your own plans and decisions. It’s also a good idea to keep any debts down as low as possible so you enter your marriage without the burden of still having to pay for the wedding.

Many couples are now also beginning to get a real focus on how they want to feel on the day. Their ceremony is now much more a reflection of their own beliefs and values as well as their personalities.


This is one of the main reasons they’ll choose a Celebrant – to create and deliver an inclusive ceremony that’s unique and gives everyone the feeling that they’re actually participants rather than simply spectators.

With the ability to include ritual and meaning, family and friends, pets and children – it really is a wonderful way to make those lasting memories.

I will spend time getting to know them and what makes their relationship special, enduring, fun, and exciting. I will be telling their “story” and sharing their plans and dreams for the future. It’s a singularity unique role as it’s almost that of a friend who knows them well, but with professionalism, skills and experience. The ceremony may include many different elements and content, and may blend culture, heritage and faith if that’s the couple’s wish.


So you can see how a Celebrant is an important factor for a couple planning a wedding celebration and ceremony.

What I’ve also noticed since around 2017 or so is the increase in the number of couples who simply want to hold an intimate ceremony, without the stress of planning a huge celebration and reception at a time when they’re emotional and tired from all the planning and decisions! It’s one of the biggest events they’re going to organise – so why not eat this particular elephant by separating the different elements? Have the town hall legal registration- getting the paperwork signed ! Organise a fabulous elopement and honeymoon in a stunning location (I can certainly recommend lots of amazing venues in Germany Austria and Switzerland). Over a third of my couples are doing this and eloping – to make amazing memories as they step into their marriage together.

So why would you need a Celebrant if it’s just with the two of you? You know your own story. You have written your vows. You’ve probably decided to make a bit of a different start to your marriage – combining your elopement with a honeymoon that’s going to be filled with new experiences and adventure.


Here are five reasons why you should choose a celebrant for your elopement!

1: I am standing with you both and holding space for your love, and emotions. It is just us in a bubble of love – but it’s also important to acknowledge the reason you’re there and what marriage means to you.

2: I am also standing for those who cannot be with you – as many of my couples ask their families to privately send me their messages, their advice on how to achieve a happy marriage, and confer their blessings and support across the miles. They will be there with you in these precious moments.

3: As there is no audience as such, I will speak to you both directly, reflecting your love, shared memories, experiences and any challenges you’ve overcome, as well as your plans and dreams, so that when you say your own vows there is a context for them.

4: I am also there to bear witness to your commitment and to the vows you’re making, deepening and enriching these moments. The ceremony isn’t about retelling your story- it’s about bringing it into the light, letting it sparkle and enchant you as you listen to my words.

5: I can create personal or traditional rituals for you, to ground you in the location, and the moment. I could read you your favourite poem, song lyric or if you wish, verses from the Bible. In Elopements in Germany, Austria or Switzerland I will often include quotes from literature on Love and Marriage, in both German and English.


Let the moments you capture together become the most amazing memories – ones you’ll always treasure. Let the simplicity of ab Elopement give you the opportunity to truly be yourselves. Let your Ceremony script be read again when you’re cuddled up later and you can relive the magic then. I’ll send you a script you can share with your family and friends as you make your way home.


Book a call to chat with me about Eloping and let’s get some ideas and plans put in place, in terms of locations, logistics and the best team of wonderful people I’ve worked who and who I know will do everything they can to make it a perfect elopement for you. Call or WhatsApp +447800543426 or email ivvey@hotmail.com and let’s talk about your plans!


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