Want that fun “Festival Feel” at your Wedding? Here’s how!

There’s nothing like being outdoors on a warm balmy summery day and night to make us feel relaxed, happy and close to nature! It’s fun too – being outdoors in the fresh air feels fantastic, just like being on holiday !!

Having that sort of vibe for your wedding means setting up something in a woodland or on farmland and the availability of fantastic Bell Tents,  Tipis and Yurts are making it so easy to decorate your ceremony and reception exactly how you’ve imagined it -festival, boho, fairy woodland or circus style – a tipi or yurt loves your creativity!!

There is a lot to think about, but it does mean you are in control of all the details, decor, food and yes, the toilets, and the cleaning up, but if you fancy a relaxed laid back weekend with close friends, holding your ceremony in a fairy ring, having a handfasting where everyone adds a ribbon or cord to your joined hands, and gives you a solid piece of marriage advice as they do it, or perhaps asking your best people to play music for you and ending your ceremony with tea lights, sparklers or just simply a huge conga, – it really does mean you have soooooo many cool and stunning options.

Worried about catering?  There are so many cool ways to cover food and drink with a Festival Vibe!  Mobile Bars, Popup Restaurants, Fish and Chip deliveries, Ice Cream Vans, Hog Roasts, Pizza Vans, or asking some of your guests to bring a dish and in that way you’re helping to reduce your footprint too!

For music you can’t go wrong with a couple of friends playing guitar or having your own playlist played through portable speakers, and use portable wifi or find out what the site has to offer in respect of tech support.

If you are going down the glamping or Tipi/Camping route, make sure you have some contingencies for some of your guests, who might not want to spend their night in a tent with spiders, but would love to join you.  Check out local guest houses, pubs and AirBnB accommodation and add this information to your invitation details.  This kind of wedding often takes place over several days, at least one overnight, so make it clear what your guests might want to bring in terms of clothes, and if there are day time activities for them and children too if they are bringing them.

There are lots more details which I think you will find are covered in the blog from Margots wedding where Jennifer Constant of The Celebrant Directory tells you all about the wonderful ways to have your Tipi or Yurt style wedding, along with some great practical tips!

Just click on the link below for inspiration!

Tipi and Yurt Wedding Style by MargotsWedding

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