More Proposal Ideas for the Holidays!

Christmas and New Year is traditionally a great time for love, romance and romantic gestures, expressed in cute or quirky ways! It’s a popular time to propose too – around 40% of proposals are carried out between 24th December and 14th February. With the most happening in the Christmas period.

Couples are together, sharing time with family- it’s a wonderful time to celebrate and share this important moment! Perhaps you’re already planning to propose?

Whether it’s at home, over a candlelit meal, halfway up a mountain or at the end of a scavenger hunt, the proposal will be talked about for years to come!

Whatever you’re doing – take some time to think through the scenario and get all your ducks in a row!

As a Celebrant I’ve heard so many different proposal stories – all with happy endings of course, but some did present their own challenges too!

Like M and J who got engaged in Australia after a wonderful meal and went down to the beach to let off steam, and began dancing enthusiastically! Suddenly M’s ring came off and fell into the sand!! They searched but realised there was little they could do in the dark!

They trudged home, totally gutted that they’d lost one of this unique pair of rings – which were also going to be their wedding bands.

J’s mum came to the rescue as the next morning at first light she found a guy on the beach with a metal detector and together they scoured the area! Unbelievably the missing ring was found and all was right with their world again!!

The lovely team at One Fab Day have 15 great Christmas Proposal ideas!

Hope you both have a fabulous Christmas and New Year and congratulations if you do get engaged over these wonderful holidays !

Wishing you love and happiness and who knows, maybe I’ll have the honour of being chosen as your Wedding Celebrant!!

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