I have loved creating and leading all my Weddings and Elopements, in England and throughout Europe.  I feel very lucky to have been chosen by these couples, and and am proud to share their feedback and stories with you.

Thank you all so much!

For more reviews and testimonials take a look at  my Facebook page and on The Celebrant Directory



This year is beginning so well, and it is so exciting and heartening to be able to create and celebrate with couples again, with no restrictions!  My season is beginning earlier than usual, with my first ceremony on 14th April followed by another on 17th April and rounding the month off with a beautiful mountain wedding on 24th April!  


Latoya and Kernel have an amazing love story – they met and fell in love as teenagers, but were parted by circumstances over which they had no control.  As young as they were, they lost touch, but they never forgot about each other.  Life went on, and both of them built a life for themselves.  One day though Kernel was able to reconnect with Latoya,  and they both discovered that love had not been lost, they were simply waiting for the day they could be together.  With their faith, and their belief in Love being a tie that binds your hearts for always, they celebrated at this beautiful historic site.  It was a real joy to be a part of their day, and to hear them make their forever promises to each other.  


Laura and Rory finally celebrated their Wedding Day with all their family and friends, at the gorgeous Barn here which was beautifully decorated!  They wanted a “spring ceremony” and they certainly did have this with blossoms everywhere!  Their legal marriage had been a quieter affair, which was still absolutely beautiful, but they wanted to hold a “day filled with joy” too, and I was honoured to be asked to be their Celebrant, and to create a simple but emotional Ceremony for them both.  




It started out as a very difficult year again, and many of my couples have postponed to 2022, so I do look forward to sharing more images and stories with you.  However, I am so grateful that after June 2021, things began to open up, and we could hold larger celebrations in both England and Europe.  This page is continually updated, so please do check back for new images, kind words, and hopefully this will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your own Celebrations! 



Anna and Alex had a beautiful bilingual Autumn themed wedding, with a Handfasting that was carried out with Cords she had woven herself, and in the colours of both their ancestral crests (how cool is that!) and a symbolic Tree Planting – they planted a tiny acorn together and we made several wishes for them that resonated with this, offering wishes for a long, happy and healthy marriage. 

They are such a fun couple too though, and held a variety of games outdoors on the lawn – including an Egg and Spoon Race, and a Sack Race!  That really was such fun to watch!  I think Anna did amazingly in her wedding dress!  Indoors they had a variety of board games for their guests to play and seemed to create some lively friendly competition!  As keen board game players themselves, all these personal touches and details made it even more special for their guests.  Their venue provided them a beautiful  setting for their guests,  which I would define as “relaxed luxury” – it really was the perfect location for their Wedding Ceremony and their Reception.  I was very touched to receive these kind words from Alex recently: 

Yvonne really understood what we wanted and helped us organise our thoughts regarding the ceremony. We had lots of contact before the day to arrange everything and she incorporated our ideas as well as providing a framework to the day. Her enthusiasm in regards to celebrating our union really helped make it special. You can tell that she really loves and enjoys her job, which made the day go really well. We had lots of pleasant feedback from our guests, who thoroughly enjoyed her service. We would recommend Yvonne to anyone looking for a bilingual, fun, and caring celebrant.

Couple just married walking through an aisle of guests throwing confetti
Confetti Smiles from Anna and Alex!


You really cannot imagine how stunning this location is, until you are standing right in front of one of the most magical views and know that you are going to help a lovely couple make their forever Wedding Vows to each other, in this beautiful space.  K and E flew from the States to hold their elopement here at Lake Obersee, a gorgeous area in the mountains, accessible only by boat, and after a 20 minute walk from the lower lake, you reach this stunning lake area.  It really is breathtaking. 

With just the fourof us: Kellie, Eddie, myself, and  their lovely photographer Nadine of  we stood in our own “bubble” and witnessed a wonderful intimate ceremony.  

Kellie and Eddie were amazing to work with, despite several hiccups, they were always patient and so kind.  They also trusted to write their script, hearing  the words I had written for them, for the first time in this fabulous location!  They then shared their own personal, loving Vows and Promises to each other.  It is a real priviledge to witness the love between two people, and I am so grateful that I was asked to be their Celebrant.  

Wedding planner @peachperfectwed again made everything run so smoothly, with pink champagne and a small but delicious picnic for them both.  

Nadine of is the most amazing person to capture the beauty of these mountains and lakes, living so close. 

Bride and Groom holding hands walking towards a lakeside ceremony location

Kellie, Eddie, you were the BEST!   I wish you everything wonderful for your future!  Thank you too, for these lovely kind words.


I have had the pleasure of officiating at Rivervale Barn before, and each time it is so breathtakingly lovely!  For Emily and Matthias, who had to reschedule several times due to the pandemic, and the fact that their families were scattered all over the world, it meant they had to be very patient, but that patience definitely paid off!  They held a stunning wedding ceremony and Breakfast here at the Barn, and it was amazing as Rivervale staff did everything they could to ensure everything was perfect for this awesome couple! 

Emily and Matthias asked me to create a personal, intimate and loving Ceremony, which included their own special thanks to their respective families, and acknowledging those who were unable to be with them.  It was also created in both English and German, so that everyone was able to feel included, and a real participant in the occasion itself.  There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere as they exchanged their personal Vows.  Although a “simple” ceremony with no additional readings or rituals, this was still so very personal, as the ceremony was essentially written for them, and about them, and contained their “voice” and “personality”. 

There is nothing more authentic than bringing a love story to life in one of life’s major events, the day of unity, of forever promises, the day you are “married”.  

Photos:  Yvonne’s iphone. 

Yvonne is an absolutely wonderful person. From the minute we got in contact with her, she was professional in every manner and polite. She aided me and my husband with the process of creating the speeches for the day. She spoke in a very articulate manner in both English and German and presented in a very heartfelt way. Thank you Yvonne for contributing to our special day 🙂 Emily and Matt P.


Steve and Laura wanted a private, personal Ceremony but in a place that was close to home too – their home is in Bavaria, and their guests travelled thousands of miles to celebrate their special day with them.

We began with a surprise Gift Giving to both sets of parents, which was absolutely charming!  Then as part of the Ceremony we also held a a Sand Blending, to symbolise their union and that just like the grains of sand, they can never be separated. 

They held their beautiful outdoor ceremony in the grounds of this spectacular “Biergarten”.   Steve’s father wanted to say a few words, and these were truly emotional and heartfelt, with family advice on marriage, stories about Steve and Laura, and the blessings of their family priest, it was so very special.  There were also Laura and Steve’s own personal Vows and Promises, which were sincere, touching, and heartfelt.  

As befits the Bavarian style of celebrating, there was also a lavish Wedding Breakfast prepared, with live music, and a dance floor!  Although no professional photos are available as yet, I took these myself of their lovely set up both outside in the September sunshine, and in the Wedding Breakfast room.  

Congratulations Steve and Laura and thank you so much for asking me to be your Celebrant! <3

Hi Yvonne,

Thank you so much for guiding us through our wedding, we indeed enjoy every moment of it and never stop reminiscing as we look back at the pictures. Here are some pictures for your website.  Wishing you a wonderful New Year! 

Photos used by permission of the couple
Celebrant stands by a ceremony arch with the couple standing behind a table to her right side, happy and smiling and relaxed.
Yvonne leads the Ceremony for Laura and Steve


















JENELLE 💕CHRIS at Berlepsch Castle Chapel, Berlepsch, WITZENHAUSEN, GERMANY

It was a joy to work again with Peach Perfect Weddings, and to create a beautiful Ceremony for Jenelle and Chris, who travelled with a small wedding party of their closest family and friends, to the Hesse Castle, which has in its grounds, this stunning Chapel, which can be used for ceremonial and religious Weddings.  It really is a hidden gem, amidst stunning ancient forests.  

Jenelle and Chris were keen to mark the occasion with a number of rituals – all of which added to the beauty and the emotion of their Ceremony.  A Unity Candle, to join their previously separated lives, as well as their families.  A Hand Tying Ceremony with special colours and meaning, to show their unbroken bonds of love, and finally a Beer Blending Ritual – two different beer types blended into one – and tasted! 

Sometimes there will be sweetness, sometimes there will not, but the hope is always that their Marriage will be as sweet and long lasting as the memories they made this day.

Photographs courtesy of Peach Perfect Weddings instagram @peachperfectwed


For Jessica and Stephen, an Elopement here was a dream that came true – at a church which was used in the anime of Beauty and the Beast, which they saw on their first date, it simply had to be this beautiful area of Alsace, filled in evocative scents, vineyards bursting with black and green fruit, and three iconic castles nestled in the opposite hillside.   A place for dreaming and for binding yourselves with your forever Promises.  

The Ceremony included a handfasting, with cords prepared by Jessica herself, and two particularly emotional Readings – I had asked both parents for their “Advice on Marriage” and read their wise words out to them both, in a ceremony that they trusted me with, and which they heard for the very first time on this beautiful sunny autumn day.  I included some of the romantic quotations from “Beauty and the Beast” and ended with “Everythings is fine.  You are together”.  

This beautiful highlight video was recently sent to me and I am so excited to share this with you!

It was lovely to receive these kind words from Jessica and Stephen recently: 

Thank you so much Yvonne!! We could not have asked for a better celebrant. You really did make our day even better with your thoroughness and the care you took with our ceremony. Thank you again, it was such a joy meeting you and having you a part of our wedding day 🙂



Justine and Anthony celebrated in fine style at the beautiful Micklefield Hall, which is a stunning venue that was also happily local for them and their families.  Within the Temple Ceremony area they said their Marriage Vows to each other, promising to love, honour and cherish.  Their dreams and their adventure as husband and wife begin today.  

The Roses were a surprise gift at the beginning of the ceremony for each of their mums.  I had given them some “homework” to do for me, so that I could address their mums by name and give them the messages of love and gratitude that Justine and Anthony wanted me to say for them.  Not a dry eye at that moment!  

It was a lovely emotional ceremony, filled with love, laughter, stories, dreams and wishes.  Wishing this lovely couple a wonderful life together is both an honour and a joy for me!  

I was very grateful and touched to receive these words from them shortly afterwards: 

For our wedding day, we wanted a special and personalised ceremony. I was delighted when I came across Yvonne. She was so friendly and attentive and it felt like I had known her for years. Our wedding script was perfect and summed up how we felt about each other beautifully. On the day of our wedding Yvonne put us at ease and our guests commented on how wonderful the ceremony was. We can not recommend Yvonne enough.

Thank you Justine and Anthony, it was such a pleasure to meet you both, and to create a meaningful ceremony for you!


TEJAL 💕ROB at Shustoke Barn Coleshill, WARWICKSHIRE

Tejal and Rob live and work in Toronto but their families and closest friends are from this part of the world, so they brought their Wedding Day all the way from Canada, to them! 

With a beautiful candle ceremony where both mums lit their tapers, to a meaningful ancient HandFasting, to “tie the knot” and a beautiful reading – Touched By and Angel, by the amazing Maya Angelou, this was a truly emotional and deeply resonant moment for everyone. 

We had laughter, and tears, and with the stunning backdrop of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and this amazing Barn setting, I know they were filled with joy as they were able to celebrate their love story with everyone present. 


These are simply the most beautiful words to sum up what it means, when Love enters our lives.   The poem asks us to be bold, asks us to be brave and to have courage, because Love will set us free.  Free to be our authentic selves.  This is the promise that Rob and Tejal made to each other, as part of their vows :  to allow each other to grow and become the people they are meant to be, and to support, encourage, trust, and respect each other.  

With these vows, their commitment to each other is complete and their own journey and adventure in Marriage, as husband and wife, now begins!  

Their lovely kind words after the Ceremony were so touching!  Thank you both sooooo much!! 

We had heard great things about Yvonne, and from our first skype call with her we knew we wanted to have her as a celebrant for our wedding. As we were living in Canada, a lot of our communication was done over calls, texts and emails. Yvonne made the process so easy for us in terms of preparation, we instantly felt at ease with her support and guidance and personality. The day itself was amazing and the ceremony beautiful. Yvonne was fantastic in coordinating everything and delivered an amazing ceremony for us both. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. Thank you Yvonne!

photos are from Yvonne’s Iphone.

KAT 💕STEPHEN at 21Gramm, Berlin Germany

Kat and Stephen booked me in 2019 and had several changes of date and venue before we were able to finally celebrate with them in July this year, at 21Gramm, a gorgeous venue that was in the heart of their own community, in Berlin. 

With a curated guest list of close friends, as family were unable to make the journey owing to restrictions in travel to Germany, it was beyond doubt made joyful by their fortitude, their courage, their determination to celebrate their marriage, and their love for each other. 

It was also completely and utterly beautiful, with the art installation floral arch by Kopflegenden of Berlin.


I was also touched to receive a sweet email from them both after they returned from a short honeymoon.  Their sentiments were so generous.  It is always a pleasure to celebrate with my couples, and their kind thoughts really did make me feel so grateful we were able to complete their day, if not in the way they had planned, but certainly filled with love and light.  


SARAH 💕 LOGAN at Lake Eibsee, Bavaria 

This certainly was an amazing and stunning Elopement!   Sarah had no idea where Logan had chosen to hold their wedding!  She was totally enchanted with this beautiful location, in the heart of Bavaria, by a glacial lake, which looked as if it belonged in a fairytale! 

The Ceremony Logan asked me to write, was also a surprise, with both of them hearing my words for the first time, in this beautiful setting.  Their Vows to each other were also new and personal during the ceremony, and they exchanged Rings, and lit a Unity Wedding Candle, symbolising their union as husband and wife, and also the joining of their two families.  Although they created this magical moment just for themselves, to be fully present, and connected, we also remembered and held space for those who were not able to be there. 

Their thoughts and thanks and gratitude for all the people, family, and friends who supported their wish to elope, were spoken into the quiet woodland, and the joy on their faces I think says it all – that perfect Wedding Day is there for each couple!  

Thanks and a huge shout out to the brilliant @aneta_lehotska who took these amazing images and captured this day for them so elegantly with film and video – see their highlights video below!  Another beautiful Day perfectly planned by @peachperfectwed  Sarah’s beauty was enhanced by @beautybyjerrianne


KATHA 💕ALEX at Coppins Farm, Bures, Suffolk


Katha and Alex wanted a relaxed, laid back, but also traditional Wedding, with their closest friends and family.  As some restrictions still existed,  we were only 25 in number, but were all totally engaged and enthused by their choices!  We held a Candle Unity Ceremony by the stream, with both of their mums doing the honours, lighting their individual tapers.  They repeated Traditional Wedding Vows, but also  wrote their own surprise Vows – and folded them into a keepsake jar, to retrieve on their Anniversaries, when they will re-light their candle. 

two blocks of wood with a lantern on one block and a candle on the other in a woodland area ready for a wedding ceremony
Two Tapers and a Pillar Candle with a Jar for their Vows

They chose to hold their Wedding Breakfast in a tented Tipi on the beautiful Coppins Farm, in Suffolk, and decorated the woodland area by the stream with a beautiful arch and drapes.  Their florist Helen Newman worked wonders as the area had had some heavy rain a few days before!  The photo of the three of us taken after the Ceremony near the Reception area was by Laura McGlashan



This was of course a truly difficult year for us all, and I am really saddened to see how the wedding industry as a whole has been affected, with so many couples and suppliers having to make so many changes, with all the disappointments that this involves.  Also the harshness of perhaps losing friends or family to the pandemic, – well it really has been a very very upsetting time, which has taken a huge toll on us all.  

I did manage to conduct two weddings in the year.  There was a wonderful White Wedding for E and N who tied the knot at Chartridge Lodge, in January 2020.  Unfortunately, I have no photos as the couple are very private, but they did leave me a lovely comment which you can read here.  

HANNAH 💕 TOM at Lemore Manor, Herefordshire

In September 2020 I was fortunate to have conducted a small wedding, socially distanced, and under COVID regulations, for a lovely couple, Hannah and Tom, whose ceremony was  captured by Darina Stoda, and held at the lovely Lemore Manor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This year has been wonderful so far, with Ceremonies beginning in May and which will end in December!  I am always happy when my couples give me permission to share the images of their day, and am waiting for more of my summer wedding couples to send those over to me !  Once I have them, this page will be filling up again with gorgeous inspirational images and remind me again of these amazing occasions!

Maddie 💕 Scott at Lake Eibsee, Bavaria, Germany

As recently featured on, Maddie and Scott held their Wedding Ceremony in a Winter Wonderland in southern Germany – a December Wedding for this Australian couple meant the seasons changed for them dramatically! From their hot summer to a frozen glacial lake!  What an absolute delight this was!  And for me, working with one of the sweetest couples, it was also very emotional!  Not least because it was the first time that Maddie and Scott had ever seen snow!

They were overwhelmed with the touch, sensation and feeling, and of course, their lovely intimate ceremony (which they had asked me to keep a total secret until the day)!  I cannot express enough my thanks and gratitude to this couple, who have allowed me to publish their wedding video which you can find here

Take a moment, and listen to two lovely young people, making their forever vows to each other.  Captured beautifully by and and planned by

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Paul 💕 Bree at Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England

This wedding could not have been more special, flamboyant and just so different from any I have ever conducted, and I absolutely LOVED it!  Paul and Bree are a wonderful fun, openminded and free-spirited couple who have a love of English history.  They travelled from Australia where they both live with their family and their fur babies, and invited an international contingent of wonderful guests to celebrate with them in style!  I was asked to create a ceremony that had historical 15C content and vows, and they added their own personal and unique style to proceedings too!

This was a post Christmas Wedding ceremony at the end of December 2019, which made it even more exciting and stunning as we had the castle dressed with trees and baubles, candles lit at the banquet and Paul and Bree had also booked a magnificent Fireworks display at the end of the evening!

It was so lovely to receive their personal thanks and feedback and I cannot thank them enough too for placing their trust in me as their Wedding Celebrant!  Congratulations!!

“Yvonne was such an amazing celebrant to work with, she made our day one to remember. While working with Yvonne with our medieval wedding theme she was so adaptable and her use of great sourcing medieval scripts and vows.Yvonne was so happy and honestly understanding in the edits I made to her speech and our Vows to make it so personalised to the people we are, she captured our true meaning of love.  Thank you Yvonne for not only dressing up for our themed wedding but for being a part of our magical day, it was an hour to have you as our celebrant and take part in our feast with our family”

“Thank you Yvonne.Paul, Bree Phillips”

Rionnagh 💕 Patrick at Heilig-Geist-Kapelle, Berlin

It was a real pleasure to create a bilingual Ceremony for Rionnagh and Patrick, who live in Berlin and who wanted an authentic ceremony that reflected their personalities and love for each other.  I was so proud to have been asked to be their Celebrant and oh my gosh these photos on this blog are just stunning!  Their Ceremony was held in the centre of Berlin, with a reception at Claerchens Ballhaus, a stunningly evocative and historic Ballroom nearby.

This is a couple who wanted this day to be perfect for their guests, and for each other.  Their ceremony was translated into German and Ri made her vows to Patrick in German too – much to the delight of her husband and of course all the German speaking guests!  To honour her Irish heritage, we also conducted a celtic Hand Fasting – which made the whole event a gorgeous fusion of customs, culture, and the magic of love and romance!

This stunning wedding was also featured by Frieda Atheres, a leading wedding magazine and blogger in Germany, so do dive in to the link below, and immerse yourself in the full glory of this lush romantic and stylish wedding!

All Photos are beautifully captured by Gaja LK

Thank you Rionnagh and Patrick for asking me to create a truly personal, romantic and sincere ceremony for you both.  Your kind words and feedback mean so much to me!  Congratulations and wishing you so much more happiness as you travel onwards together.

“Thank you so much Yvonne! Our bilingual wedding ceremony was everything we could of wished for and more! Both our families felt included and the ceremony still felt very personal to us.   Rionnagh and Patrick

Clara 💕 Mario at Brinsop Court Estate 

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Clara and Mario brought their guests over from Europe and held their Bilingual Ceremony in this beautiful country house – taking over the venue exclusively for the weekend allowed everyone to relax and to enjoy the wonderful Herefordshire Countryside.  It was a really beautiful day.  I created a Ceremony for them which was completely in the German language, for their Guests.  With personal Vows, and heartfelt Readings, and guests in Swiss National Costume, it really was a wonderful occasion!  I am so grateful for their kind words and photos they sent to me afterwards.  Memories to cherish!

Real Weddings !! – Yvonne Beck Bilingual Wedding Celebrant

Julie 💕 John at Hampton Court House, Richmond, London

A private June wedding with no photos but a lovely review was left for me by John recently.

This Indian Scottish fusion wedding took place over two days and was filled with warmth and happiness! It was a real pleasure to create a Christian ceremony for John – again filled with beautiful words, hymns and blessings. A real honour for me, in this iconic venue!

Hayley and Katja held Ceremony in Yorkshire

It was a beautiful relaxed and wonderfully romantic and emotional occasion! They exchanged vows in each other’s native language which was truly wonderful to witness. As a couple we reflected their love story in such a warm and heartfelt way 💕

Yvonne created the most beautiful wedding ceremony for me and my wife ❤️ She created a bilingual wedding ceremony, my wife is german and she spoke the vows in English, I am English and I spoke the vows in German – to show respect to one another and to our family. It was simply beautiful all our guests had the possibility to understand everything and told us both how wonderful it to see. Yvonne was always quick to respond to our emails questions and she always gave us a lot of information and made us feel super special not only on our day but also in the preparation. She gave us cards and our vows in a special folder to keep on the day which we will cherish forever. I fully recommend Yvonne to any couple wanting a unique, loving and memorable ceremony. She is just lovely and you can tell she loves what she does, passionate and caring. We cannot thank her enough 💕 xx Best wishes from Germany Hayley and Katja.

Image by Joshua Leo Dorfman

Shereena and Lerum celebrated at Kevington Hall, Kent

This was one of the most stunning weddings I have had the joy of being present – with a gorgeous bride in a stunning bespoke gown, and a handsome groom – it was a ceremony filled with romance, laughter, and emotion.  Shereena and Lerum have been together for over 10 years, and yet their love is as fresh and new as if they had just fallen!  It was wonderful to witness their love, and also to be asked to stay and celebrate with them too!  The warmth and friendliness of their guests and family was very touching, as was the feedback they left for me.

Yvonne was truly a wonderful person to perform our ceremony. She took the time to meet with us, understand what we were about and showed passion in wanting to deliver a meaningful, bespoke ceremony for us, which she did 100%. She was open to adapting to us, using terminology that she may have not… Readmore been familiar with to personalise our ceremony but she embraced it all and brought the best smiles and laughter to our guests as well as ourselves. She gave us the relaxed vibe that we wanted but maintained professionalism. She brought personality to our union and we could not be happier with her. She was great from the very beginning. She took the time to have a phone interview, meet in person, was patient with our responses, flexible and was on time on the day. We thank you Yvonne for a truly amazing ceremony.Love Lerum and Shereena.

Beautiful photos by Abbas Photography. 

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Angelika and Tom wed at West Green House, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

It was an absolutely stunning summery day at this gorgeous National Trust location, which was chosen by them because they often visit.  It was certainly very beautiful, on the lawn near the lake.  We had personal vows and lovely readings, and their girls took part too, in witnessing their ceremony and signing the Ceremony Certificate with them.  What an honour to create a ceremony for such an adorable couple and their guests!  Thank you Angelika and Tom for these beautiful pictures, from their lovely photographer  Elina Upmane.    

We chose Yvonne as our celebrant for our wedding in June. Her bubbly friendly personality attracted us to her from our initial meeting. I think she worked out our personalities quite quickly and was very good at putting all the information about us together for our wedding ceremony. The day was very special but was made even more special with her there. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone!

Pamela and Alex were married in the Museum at Überlingen, Lake Constance, Germany

What a gorgeous wedding this was!  A Bilingual Ceremony to include all the guests and family – which meant a lot to them both, as Pamela grew up in this part of Germany, and many of her family and friends are still there.  It was a beautiful day, a gorgeous location, and with personal vows and wedding wishes, it really was such a personal and special occasion!  Thank you Alex for the kind words you left for me on Google and for the beautiful thank you card and this lovely happy photograph!

Dear Yvonne, We are very sorry for the delay in getting this to you – life has been both wonderful and hectic since the 25th May in Uberlingen.  Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding so special and emotional.  It was lovely, everything we could have ever dreamed of;  you made us all, guests included, feel so at ease, and we could never have imagined having such a personal, emotional and heartwarming ceremony by a Celebrant we had only spoken to twice, on Skype!  The mix of English and German was perfect.  Our friends and family regularly tell us it was the most personal ceremony they had ever been to.  Keep up the excellent work, we had the perfect start to married life.

Nikki and John held Ceremony at The Asylum, Caroline Gardens, Peckham

Their Wedding Ceremony was perfect in every way!  Lots of storytelling, and personal vows which made everyone feel quite emotional, including me!  They were such an adorable very in love couple and their smiles lit up the chapel! This is one of the most lovely and atmospheric London wedding venues, and it has been a real joy to return with a ceremony for Nikki and Jon.  Their feedback when they sent me this photo, was so kind.

Hi Yvonne, we are finally coming back to earth with a huge bump.  Thank you so much for the day.  We have had so many lovely comments on how personal and beautiful the ceremony was.  Your calm and warm nature helped this all go smoothly.  Thank you.  Nikki and Jon.

Cecilia and Keo at Hedsor House, Taplow, Buckinghamshire

Ceci and Keo came over to leafy  from Hong Kong for their nuptials!  It was an absolutely beautiful day within Hedsor House, a venue that offers you exclusive use, and superb catering and customer service.  It was such a pleasure to create ceremony for this couple.  They asked me to include not only suprise vows, but surprise content that they wanted me to share  –  which made for a really emotional and sincere ceremony.  They loved my mention of their Plush Piggies as their “Witnesses” !  After the ceremony they had their Wedding Breakfast and later enjoyed a dazzling Firework Display – something they cannot experience in Hong Kong.  Happy Travels Ceci and Keo, with your piggies!

Expertly Planned and co-ordinated by luxury wedding planner,  Helen Davies, of WithHelenDavies 

Photos are my own.

Real Weddings in 2018!

Margarita and Richard at Berlepsch Chapel, Berlepsch Castle, Germany

I love weddings, and  I love Castles!  So there was nothing more exciting to me than being asked to create ceremony for a couple from Florida, in the latter part of the year, in this beautiful chapel in the castle grounds.  This medieval chapel is full of charm and character, and a splendid setting for the ceremony.  Margarita and Richard were accompanied only by very close family and Richard planned a stunning surprise for his bride, – he had asked the military to allow her brother to be given leave of absence to escort his sister down the aisle!  A beautiful gesture and a wonderful happy surprise for Margarita.  They held a Unity Candle Ceremony and we asked Margarita’s mum to light and blow out the flames at the beginning and end of the ritual.  The light of love shone through the dark winter day and their joy and delight was just wonderful!

Captured by the amazingly talented team at In Love with A Wolf

Planned by Peach Perfect Weddings,  as one of their approved Wedding Celebrants in Europe.



Sara and Robert at The Swan Globe Theatre, South Bank, London

I was so excited to be asked by Sara and Robert to create a Ceremony for them at the iconic Swan Globe Theatre, in the heart of London’s South Bank and near all the beautiful iconic landmarks in this beautiful city.  Leaving their warm sunny Florida home behind, they opted to have a winter wedding which was definitely warmed by their love for each other and the love that was present in the room, as they both said their personal heartfelt vows and promises to each other.  A day full of emotion and wonder!

I was delighted when Sara gave me permission to publish her short wedding higlights video where you can hear me and also see me at “the office” for the day, and my thanks go to Sara, Robert and to their amazing photographer, Diana V Photography & Film

Sara & Robert at Shakespeare Globe from Diana V Photography on Vimeo.

It was also wonderful to receive this warm feedback from Sara afterwards:

“Thank you Yvonne- You were marvelous! Our wedding ceremony was beautiful and very personalized. It was exactly what my husband and I were looking for. We are a non-traditional couple so we wanted something that was meaningful and spoke to our relationship without the traditional readings and moments. Yvonne didn’t disappoint. She created small details and timings for our ceremony that made it just perfect and something we will remember forever. I would recommend her for anyone looking for that special touch on your special day.”

Lisa and J.P.’s Ceremony aboard MV Maria Theresa, Passau, Bavaria

When you’re asked to perform a Wedding Ceremony on Board a beautiful River Cruiser, you just can’t refuse! 🙂  This lovely couple decided to hold their elopement Ceremony on board and to celebrate with guests and with their crew, which was done in fine style!  They decided to hold a Sand Blending Ceremony, a unity ceremony that symbolises how your love is like the grains of sand, once united, never to be separated.  It was the first Wedding that the Captain had experienced on board, and the crew really pulled out all the stops to create a wonderful backdrop, and fantastic food and bubbly for everyone on board!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank-you Yvonne for our most amazing ceremony! You took the time to get to know my husband and myself and wrote and presented a beautiful ceremony that was filled with love and reflected our love as a couple and all that we value. We were blessed to have you as our celebrant traveling so far to be there for our big day! Words can not express our gratitude to you for all that you did for us! You gave us a memory we will treasure forever! All our love from South Africa, Lisa & JP xxx

Melissa and Shane Ceremony at Lake Eibsee, Garmisch Patenkirchen, Bavaria

Melissa and Shane decided to hold two ceremonies, Part 1 and Part 11 – at home in the USA for their families, and then one in Germany, that was planned just for the two of them before they went on honeymoon.  It was a beautiful intimate ceremony with personal vows and storytelling, in this magical setting.  It was late September and the dew was heavy that morning but the clouds lifted in time for the ceremony, with just the three of us, and the mountain behind us – die Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak.

We had a Handfasting with specially created cords, and they drank together from a Bridal Cup – two rituals that were written especially for them, and which it was my absolute honour to create.  This intimate moment is, I am sure, one they will always cherish, as shall I.  Here is their lovely feedback on their experience eloping in the Bavarian mountains and glacial lakes – it took all our breath away!

There is no way we could possibly describe what our wedding was like for us. The location…breathtaking. We even had snow on the mountain tops because of an overnight rainstorm.

Our celebrant…who understood the need and desire for this ceremony even though we had already had one, who wrote the most heartfelt and personal things to say and did 2 beautiful traditional German wedding practices.

The photographers… Mauro and Michelle who love the outdoors I think as much as we do and saw so much beauty in the location but more importantly, saw the love between us and captured our personalities and our sense of adventure perfectly. (I got in Lake Eibsee in my wedding dress people.. it was AMAZING) In Love with a Wolf

The wedding planner…perfection. We barely had to do anything but share our vision and she made it come to life. We would not have had any of the above amazing experiences if not for her. Elvira Pross Peach Perfect Weddings

None of this would have been possible without this amazing service. Thank you!!

A mountain in Germany with a lake at which a couple are meeting to elope with a Celebrant leading their wedding ceremony. The bride is wearing a long white dress with a long cape which flows behind her. A mountain in the background with a lake and in front there is a couple who are getting married, by a marriage Celebrant, Yvonne Beck

Captured by the amazingly talented team at In Love with A Wolf

Planned by Peach Perfect Weddings,  for whom I am proud to offer my services as an approved supplier in Europe.

Alyssa and Ryan’s Ceremony at Riessersee, Garmisch Patenkirchen, Bavaria

Alyssa and Ryan flew over from Canada to hold a ceremony in some of the most stunning scenery in Germany.  On board a small raft, we floated along a beautiful glacial lake, in the sunshine and with Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze, in the background.  Their Ceremony was touching, emotional and so beautful, and they arranged for it to be streamed simultaneously to Canada so that guests and family who were unable to travel, could hear and see this gorgeous pair, making their vows and promises to each other, and exchange the Rings, which had been warmed and blessed by everyone present, during the Ring Warming Ceremony.

This is the lovely feedback they left for us:

Every person and every couple is unique in their own way.  Yvonne beautifully captured and portrayed our story in a way that truly represented who we are as individuals and as a couple.  Our ceremony was our very own and there will never be another like it.  Not only did we love our ceremony, our guests (23 total ) spoke about the delivery and Yvonne’s lovely personality for days after.  It was truly unforgettable.

Left on Peach Perfect :  We absolutely loved our wedding at the Riesersee and we will definitely be recommending Peach Perfect Weddings (specifically yourself!) to any of our friends who are considering getting married in Europe. Thank you for everything!

The wedding was beautifully planned and co-ordinated by Peach Perfect Weddings, wedding planners who create wonderful events throughout Europe.  Photographs by the awesome In Love with a Wolf

Kat and Alex at Jackson’s Lane, London

Kate and Alex had the most awewsome Ceremony planned at Jackson’s Lane, London – a venue that is perfect for dressing it yourself and giving it those personal touches!  This lovely fun and romantic couple wanted a Bilingual Ceremony so that everyone could feel included and special – and it certainly was wonderful to be able to do this for them.  Their special touches were in all the fine details, and I was truly proud and priviledged to have been asked to be their Celebrant.  Kate and Alex make their home in Sydney Australia, and so it was important for them to have their Wedding in a location that could be accessed by their European and International guests and family.

Yvonne was great, a lovely presence on the day and helpful and pleasant in the lead up. We had such a lovely day at our wedding and it was made all the better by having her lead the ceremony. The script was perfect and took into account our suggestions and stories, making it very personal.

Jane and Tom at Die Alte Gaertnerei, Tegernsee

A beautiful Wedding Ceremony in a stunning greenhouse nursery in Southern Germany.  A Bilingual Wedding Ceremony for Jane and Tom, who created such beautiful details for their wedding ceremony.  It was a real honour to be their Celebrant!  The Venue is Die Alte Gaertnerei am Tegernsee, and the team there created a stunning natural foliage.  We ended with the traditional German Champagne Toast!  Captured beautifully by Nadine at Herzflimmern! 

Tian and Andre at the Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel, Berlin

Tian and Andre had a beautiful wedding at the iconic Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel in Berlin.  A stunning venue for this couple whose guests flew in from all over the world to celebrate.  I created a Bilingual Ceremony, much appreciated by family and guests.

Maria and Rav Bilingual Garden Ceremony, London

Maria and Rav held their summer wedding this year in the garden at Rav’s parents home in South London, and it was a beautiful fusion of styles, colours, music and food – Maria is originally from Germany and Rav has an Indian heritage.  We had a beautiful Rose Giving Ceremony for their mothers, followed by personally written vows and welcome and storytelling in both English and German – making it a wonderfully personal, inclusive and intimate occasion!

Photographer: Unknown

“Hi Yvonne, Thanks for the script, and thank you for being our celebrant! It was a lovely day, and everyone is smiling on the pictures.  Maria. “

Abigail and Andrew at The Asylum Chapel, Peckham

Abigail and Andrew’s wedding was held at the iconic Asylum Chapel Peckham – classic elegance met urban chic in a beautiful fusion and their wedding was featured on the fabulous RMW blog Here I was proud and touched by their feedback after the wedding ceremony!

Photo credit Michelle Wood Photographer

This was the lovely feedback from them afterwards!

a thank you card for the wedding celebrant from the couple she created a ceremony for.



Chantell and Simon at The Round Chapel, Hackney, East London

This was a lovely fusion wedding ceremony, with the bride from New Zealand and her East End hubby, who both had a wonderful afternoon with their families and guests at the lovely Hackney Round Chapel.  They shared hand written vows and held a  Rose Ceremony to honour their mums, all of which made for an emotional occasion – happy tears were flowing!  Chantell was an amazingly organised and chilled bride and it was such a pleasure to help create her English Wedding Ceremony!  Her feedback afterwards was so lovely:

“Yvonne, thank you for putting together such a wonderful personalised wedding ceremony for us! You weren’t given much time (about a week if I remember rightly) to pull everything together, from chatting with us to see if we were the right fit, to writing a personalised ceremony which we wouldn’t change in a million years, even given more time. We will always think of you fondly and I have been telling a lot of people about you and what you do!I wish you every success with your business and to anyone looking for a warm, loving and caring celebrant to conduct their ceremony, I can’t recommend Yvonne enough. “

You can also see Chantell’s Review here on YouTube

Tami and Sam’s Outdoor Winery Wedding, Shotley Vineyard, Suffolk

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for Tami and Sam’s Wedding Ceremony at Shotley Vineyard – both of them were excited and nervous but handled the Wine Blending Ceremony beautifully!  We had a ceremony in both English and German to include both family and friends, and their heritage.  Tami later wrote to me:

” Thank you so much again for the wonderful ceremony, you made our day really special and the way you performed the ceremony was just perfect. We’ve had so many positive comments from our family and friends, both English and German – it felt very personal and was exactly how we imagined our wedding to be like.” 

Britney and Sean’s Outdoor Ceremony at Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey.

I had the greatest pleasure in creating a handfasting ceremony for this lovely couple, who flew over from California with their guests, and held their ceremony outdoors at the beautiful Great Fosters, Egham, venue.  It was a stunning location as you can see!  Congratulations to Britney and Sean – I hope you have many wonderful memories !!

Camille and Diarmuid at Soho House, Berlin

Camille and Diarmuid had a wonderful ceremony with guests from Europe and Great Britain – held at the iconic Soho House, Berlin.  With a beautiful Ring Warming Ceremony, and romantic vows, it was a truly stunning and heart-warming occasion!

It was so lovely to receive this handwritten thank you card from the bride that day – it really was an honour and a great pleasure to create and lead this ceremony!

Lian and YichAo held Ceremony at Amberley Castle

A gorgeous setting earlier this year, for a Chinese couple, at Amberley Castle, Kent this summer, made so much more beautiful by the fact that the ceremony was translated into Mandarin too!

Kate and Peppy exchanged Vows at Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, London

Kate and Peppy had a wonderful ceremony full of love and some laughter too, at the gorgeous boutique hotel in Soho.  Their wedding ceremony at Ham Yard Hotel,  was captured beautifully by their photographers WE ARE // THE CLARKES, and was recently featured by one of the top 10 wedding blogs, Rock My Wedding, and you can see all the wonderful fun and fabulous details here

“As soon as we saw her and read the feedback other married couples had given her, we knew she was the right person to do our wedding.”

Wonderful wedding styling and on the day support by Emma of Something Blue 

Ignas and Norberto tied the knot at The Dead Dolls House, Islington, London


Ignas and Norberto had a beautiful woodland themed Wedding at The Dead Dolls House, Islington, after their legal service at Islington Town Hall.  Augusta Florals created magical fairy tale setting for this lovely couple and their guests.  It was a real pleasure to help them with their personal vows and promises.  A ceremony full of wonder and romance!

“…..Yvonne gave a very beautiful, creative speech, that touched every one’s hearts. She was very professional and fun at the same time. She spent enough time getting to know us, so she could make the best of our wedding, and she did! We are very happy with the final result.”

Eleanor and Sam’s Handfasting Ceremony, private Garden.

Eleanor and Sam held their wedding at their parent’s home and garden, on a glorious summer day.  We had beautiful weather for a special Hand Fasting Ceremony.  Their feedback Review can be seen on my Google page here

Jenny and Mark at The Long Barn, Newton Valence.

Jenny and Mark’s wedding was held in a beautifully decorated barn!

Jenny and Tom Sept 2017

A gorgeous sunny May wedding day for two lovely people at Gaynes Park Estate, Essex


More lovely photos creating many memories to cherish!

Celebrant Ceremonies can be conducted almost anywhere !  From the luxury of the Ritz Hotel for Rosie and Stepan’s Wedding, to the rustic natural outdoor setting in an Animal Sanctuary for Mark and Jenny.  Anything is possible! 

All of the venues I worked with  and conducted ceremonies in have been amazing!  Here is a list of some of the wonderful venues I have had the absolute joy to hold ceremony in: 

The Asylum Peckham

The Round Chapel Hackney

Amberley Castle, Kent

Leeds Castle, Kent

Great Fosters, Egham

Soho House, Berlin

Die Alte Gaertnerei, Munich

Syon House, Isleworth

Queens House Greenwich

Pembroke Lodge Richmond

Tramp Nightclub

Ham Yard Hotel London

Newland Manor Chalfont St Giles

Paradise at Kensal Rise, London

The Connaught Hotel, Mayfair

The Old Mill Aldermaston

The Long Barn Newton Valence

Micklefield Hall, Sarratt, Herts

Farnham Castle Keep Surrey

Gaynes Park Essex

Wrest Park Bedfordshire

The Ritz Hotel London 

Magnolia Park Golf Hotel, Boarstall, Oxon

The Thatched Barn, Great Farthingloe, Folkestone

The lovely couple below held a super stylish ceremony at the Grand Palace Banqueting Hall in Wood Green,  London !  It was an amazing day with the bride writing her own poem to her handsome groom, – not a dry eye in the room!  Her feedback was very much appreciated!

leena and Renos Wedding Feedback


J and C at the Connaught Hotel Mayfair

J and C at the Connaught Hotel Mayfair

“Yvonne was excellent on the day and stay connected with us from the day we initially met right up to the wedding. On the day, Yvonne was welcoming to our guests and delivered a ceremony above and beyond what we expected.”


A Sand Ceremony was the chosen symbolic Ceremony for the wedding of Holly and James, and their Thank you Card was so sweet and appreciated!  The Ceremony was in the lovely London Hotel, Montague on the Gardens, in Bloomsbury!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The charming photo below is the Confetti Throw at this lovely wedding.  I was so happy to receive the following feedback from Julie and Jon :  

“Thank you Yvonne, this was just perfect!”  

They had a beautiful elegant ceremony at Wrest Park, a National Trust property, in Bedfordshire.  

 Julie and Jon Wrest Park

‘Let me just say I absolutely loved the script, it’s amazing, it brought a tear to my eye which was lovely.   I’m really pleased we picked you to perform this for us, i think it will be super special’.  

Roxanne and Mark

Their Elopement to Las Vegas meant a lot of their friends and family were unable to take part, – however, they rectified this by re-creating the complete ceremony, along with a fabulous Las Vegas Theme, at the very delightful Boxmoor Hall Hotel Hemel Hempstead

Roxanne and Mark March 2015

Dear Yvonne, Thank you for a wonderful day and a fantastic service at our wedding. We had the best time ever and just want to do it all again!   
Charlotte and Ilker
I performed their Ceremony at the pool, which was Caribbean styled, complete with Steel Band, at the stunning Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow which is where they first met and fell in love!  
Charlotte and Ilker's Wedding
Charlotte and Ilker’s Ceremony held at Sheraton Skyline Hotel
“Hi Yvonne! Did you have a good day? Everyone complimented on how amazing you were.”  
I married two lovely guys in a fun ceremony that was full of love and laughter.  Congratulations to Mitch and Jame Tanner-Thorpe who tied the knot at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond, a wonderful National Trust treasure!
mitch and james with Yvonne Dobbs 0101515
James and Mitch Richmond May 2015
“Hi Yvonne,
Thanks, you’ve done a wonderful job!”.  
Robert and Sylvie
Sylvie and Rob, Hamsptead
Hampstead Heath Wedding
“It was just perfect, Thank you!”  
Susan and Paul Reynolds
We re-created their Las Vegas Wedding at The Grange, Northwood, for 80 guests
Paul and Sue at The Grove Northwood
Las Vegas Themed Day!
“We had a wonderful ceremony –  thank you so much!”       Simon and Devika
Their Ceremony was held at the Old Mill Inn, Aldermaston outdoors, and incorporated a Groom’s Surprise!
Simon and Devika Ceremony 2013

 Hi Yvonne

The day went very well and the bride and groom had a great time!

Thank you for everything you were fab!

Sarah H.

This wedding ceremony was performed at Hendon Hall Hotel, London
Hendon Hall Wedding 1
Hendon Hall Hotel

Hello Yvonne, thank you putting our story into a really wonderful ceremony for us.  We are really excited about our special day on Saturday.    Thanks again.  Jenny and Mark

I conducted the ceremony in front of a herd of 30 bulls and cows at Hugletts Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex.  They were so curious about me and what I was doing in their field we have some rather fun pictures of this day!  Who knew they love GingerNut biscuits!!

Jenny and Mark marrying at the Animal Sanctuary
Jenny and Mark, Sussex outdoor wedding


A lovely warm ceremony blending two faiths in a creative and respectful yet romantic story.  I presented the family with a beautifully printed script of their wedding and vows as a keepsake.

Yvonne, we had a really fantastic day.  Thank you so much for making it special for us.    Seema and Paul

Ceremony was conducted at The Amadeus Centre, Maida Vale, London.

Seema and Paul, Amadeus Centre
Multi Faith Wedding Ceremony

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for a great ceremony on Saturday a lot of people commented on what a lovely service it was.  All the best, Hannah and Aron.


A beautiful Naming Ceremony for a lovely family!  I was overjoyed to receive their wonderful comments! 

Hi Yvonne, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the services you provided for Ruby’s Naming Day on Sunday 7th August.  We all really enjoyed the day.

The ceremony felt really personal and the words you provided were lovely.  The tone of the ceremony was perfect – a serious occasion, which didn’t feel too formal.

Many of our guests commented on what a lovely ceremony it was and how nice and personable you were.

Thanks again,

S and L K

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