Ceremony Packages and Prices

Your Ceremony will be as unique as you are and to ensure that you choose the best package for your needs I have  5 Ceremony and Vow Writing Packages.

Please contact me as soon as you can regarding your plans and wishes, to avoid any disappointment in terms of my availability.   Our first consultation is always free of charge and without any obligation, and if I am not able to assist you, then allow me to refer you to other amazing professionals I have worked with!

Take a look over the various options and let’s chat about which would suit you best, and begin designing your amazing Ceremony.  You can get in touch either via the contact form below, or by WhatsApp +447800543426 or emailing me at  ivvey@hotmail.com

Violet Package:  £650

A Personalised Ceremony Script Only for your “On the day Celebrant”

  • As an experienced, trained and qualified Wedding and Family Celebrant, with over 475 couples who have received my personalised ceremony scripts, I am of course delighted when I can stand in front of you and your guests and deliver your ceremony,   but sometimes it is not always possible.  Perhaps I am already booked, or perhaps you would like a dear family member or friend to deliver the Ceremony for you.  I am sure they would be honoured, but I am also sure that they would love to just deliver the Ceremony, rather than have the stress and huge responsibility of writing it for you.  Not to mention the additional hours it will take.  This is where the Violet Package really will be a happy solution!
  • We begin with an initial consultation, and discuss the amount of work you would want in the script/ceremony, as well as the content, format, and any rituals.  The  Booking is confirmed with a £200 non returnable booking fee which will be deducted from the final balance, which is due on receipt of the first draft.
  • A full quotation will be sent to you after our initial discussions along with my T&C’s.
  • Coaching your “On The Day Officiant”  :  For an additional £50 I will give 60 minutes of my time by arrangement to coach the person you have chosen to lead your Ceremony helping them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and well prepared to present your Ceremony for you.

The Rose Package :  £995

for your Wedding/Elopement/Vow Renewal

  • A relaxed up to 60 Minute Initial Chat : phone, or Skype/FaceTime/Zoom, by appointment
  • Friday to Sunday Wedding Dates June July August peak season at no extra cost  (subject to availability)
  • Ongoing communications via Skype, phone, WhatsApp, text, email
  • Available Monday to Friday, 9 – 5  (evening / weekend appointments by arrangement)
  • Up to 5 drafts/edits of the Ceremony unless it’s a Surprise Ceremony which you hear for the first time on the day.
  • Vow Writing Templates  to help you create your own Vows
  • Two Rituals specially written for you  : (e.g.  Rose, Wine, Love Letter, 13 Coins, Hand Washing, Fire and Water, Lovelocks, Quaich, Unity Candle, Sand Blending,  Ring-Warming etc.)
  • Bespoke personalised Hand Tying ceremony if you literally wish to “Tie the Knot”  
  • Bilingual Ceremony:  A German/English translation is included 
  • Travel and 1 night Accommodation is included in this package
  • Ceremony Rehearsal evening before hand if practicable, or Walk Through via Zoom/Skype
  • Arrival at your venue at least1 hour before the Ceremony to meet your VIPs, Readers, support team!
  • Conducting your unique Ceremony with flair, and personality and building wonderful memories!
  • Ceremony Script, Vow Booklets and Commemorative Certificate(s) for your Memory Box
  • Personal Gift as a thank you for choosing me as your Celebrant !

Orchid Package:  £1400 

Uniquely Personalised Luxury Package for England/Europe

  • Everthing as per my Rose Package is included, PLUS My services as your MC after the Ceremony until First Dance, allowing you to relax after the ceremony!
  • In depth Consultation call – any day or evening, 7 days a week
  • Unlimited continuing communications  via Skype, phone, WhatsApp, text, email
  • Conducting your unique Ceremony with flair, humour and just the right amount of emotion!
  • Premium Days, Saturdays and Sundays at no additional charge (subject to availability)
  • Bespoke Ceremony Design, Script and Choreography services
  • Access to my Top Vendors and professionals and my collection of Readings and Poems
  • Ceremony Rehearsal at your venue
  • Vow Writing Consultation – for couples or individual partners
  • Available every day of the week, and weekends by arrangement,  to support and help you.
  • All Travel / Accommodation included (up to 2 nights in either UK or Europe)
  • Booking out the whole day for your Ceremony – to allow you to relax, I will meet and greet your guests.
  • Free Coaching support for any nervous Readers – up to 60 minutes online
  • Certificates and Readings professionally printed in your theme/chosen style
  • Beautiful keepsake Ceremony Script, Vow Booklets and Commemorative Certificate(s) 
  • Champagne with two Crystal Flutes as a Personal Gift from me as a thank you for choosing me as your Celebrant!

Once the initial Booking Fee of £200/Euro200 has been paid, the date is closed off exclusively for you and we continue the process, and the simple steps to create your ceremony, as discussed with you and part of my Terms and Conditions.

Ceremonies booked in 2023 for 2024 will remain fixed at 2023 rates


Contact me for Prices for 2025 Ceremonies 

Vow Writing Services

Lilac Package:  £197 

Two Hour Tutorial for Couple plus 1 hour individual Coaching


Saying your personal Vows and making lifelong Promises to each other is simply a huge emotional element in your Wedding Ceremony.  It is what everyone is sitting up and waiting to hear, and is an important part of your Ceremony, some might even say it is the heart of your Ceremony;  it is special, unique, and symbolises not only your past and your present, but the way in which you want to step into your Marriage, and go forward together.

So if you are looking for help in sorting out what you really want to say to your partner, then get in touch with me.  I have listened to over 475 couples say their special words to each other, and know that these words will always be a part of their lives and their Marriage.

Have you thought about your Vows and worried about them?  Let me reassure you, – there is no wrong way to create your Vows, indeed there are several ways Vows and Promises can be written, and this time with you with my focus on you alone, will help you to understand what these options are, and then we can focus on writing Vows and Promises for you.

Working online in either a joint or individual setting, I will help you create something lasting and perfect just for you and the Vows that are essentially the emotional heart of your Day.

Get in touch for my free Vow Writing Brochure, outlining the process and the ways in which I can support and help you.

And should you need a little extra help ….

If you just need some specific proof reading or final check over of your Vows and Promises, let me help you!

Already drafted your Vows?  Not sure about the flow, and your Vows need a bit of work on emphasis, content, flow, length, and final editing?  I am happy to look your Vows over, give them my professional caring eye and help you finish them in style!

£12.50 per Vow

Vows written but you’re still not sure?  You’d like a seasoned professional Celebrant to look them over for one last check?  I would be delighted to help you check them over, so you can relax and start rehearsing them for your Big Day!

£10 per Vow.

Bilingual Ceremony Vows Coaching   

One Hour Coaching Package – £50/€50

Many of my ceremonies are Bilingual in English and German, and it is truly sweet to see how many couples wish to say their Wedding Vows in their partner’s native language.

Perhaps you want to say some or all of your Vows in your partner’s language, but are not sure about pronunciation and delivery.  Well, as a fluent German/English speaker, let me help you perfect the Vows and practice them with me until you are confident in your delivery.

Together, we will make sure you surprise and delight your partner, and everyone present, on your Special Day.


I am happy to travel anywhere in the world! I love travel and taking part in your big adventure would be awesome for me too!  I am happy to conduct ceremonies any day of the week, and at any time of day/evening.  If I am needed overnight the night before or after a late ceremony please note any accommodation will need to be discussed and agreed with you if it is not already included in your Package.

UK Travel/Accommodation

Travel within London and Greater London is included in the fee for attendance on the Ceremony date.  However, if you require me to travel further afield  I will provide a quotation for the  travel and overnight accommodation that might be necessary.  Unless a rehearsal at the venue is included in the package, this will also incur a fee for time and travel.

European and International Travel/Accommodation

Travel within city limits of Berlin and Potsdam is included in my fee, however travel outside the county of Brandenburg to other locations in Germany or beyond, will incur additional costs for travel, transport and, if necessary, overnight accommodation,  unless it is already specifically included in your chosen Package.

Booking Fee / Terms and Conditions 

A £200/€200 non refundable booking fee, payable when you have decided to choose me as your Wedding Celebrant, guarantees my attendance on your day and allows me to begin creating your ceremony. It also closes off your date exclusively for your ceremony. The Booking Fee will be deducted from the final invoice.

An Interim payment of £450 is payable on receipt of the first draft for UK ceremonies.  Ceremonies in Euros or other currencies will reflect prevailing currency conversion rates.

Ceremonies outside the UK may be paid in GBP/Euros or another currency, by arrangement.

Full and final payment if any is due, must be received not later than 28 days prior to your ceremony date. Payment to be made by Online Bank Transfer.

After our initial call, I will provide you with a full Quotation based on your requirements and also include my Terms and Conditions.  These can also be found on my website here.

Prices listed are subject to alteration without prior notice.

2023/4 :  Services that might be affected by COVID19 although restrictions have mostly been lifted there is no guarantee yet that they won’t return or that some of your plans might be affected as of course we do still want to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Please read the Covid 19 paragraph in my Terms and Conditions, which sets out my support and terms should your wedding ceremony be affected by issues outside of your control, due to further or renewed COVID19 restrictions.

Wherever possible, I aim to be supportive and flexible for you, and will always be happy to discuss any problems or concerns with you.

The next step is to complete the Contact form below,  and I will be in touch to schedule our discovery call.  If you would like to book a slot yourself, please do this via this Calendly link to my diary.

How did you find me?

Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to get to know all about your plans and dreams!

Warmest wishes,