Is Small the new Big when it comes to your Wedding ?

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In these difficult times, with restrictions on numbers of guests, and concerns about health and safety, many couples are opting for a smaller event, and either live streaming the ceremony to other guests or indeed separating their Wedding and their ceremony from an “After Party” when things are more settled.

This makes a lot of sense for those concerns right now, but what, I guess you’re wondering, would a small wedding or smaller more intimate celebration look, and perhaps “feel” like.   Perhaps some of my experience as a Wedding Celebrant might help you, as many of my couples have planned smaller and more intimate weddings and have so many wonderful and positive things to say about them.

Wedding couple having a ceremony in a private lounge area of an hotel
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A smaller wedding ceremony can be held almost anywhere with a Celebrant – so you dont have to consider venues which have been licenced by the Register Office (remember you can separate the registration of marriage and your Wedding Ceremony if you wish).

You can hold your wedding in your own garden, or in a local beauty spot, beach, woodland, forest, public or private space, or even on board a boat!

Outdoor weddings are amongst the most wonderful I have experienced – being close to nature, feeling “grounded”, with couples and families feeling relaxed and happy.

Urban city style weddings can also work well – with great venues that you can decorate or style in your own way, and an urban or city wedding ceremony can give you amazing pre and post wedding images!

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Video above is of Sara and Robert, who held their Ceremony in the Iconic Shakespeare’s The Swan/Globe in the heart of London.  Beautifully captured by

Having a smaller wedding can also mean less stress as well as being able to manage costs – allowing you to even consider some items that make the wedding feel a little more luxurious – perhaps with the catering or with your photographer/videographer choices.

It does mean you have to restrict your guest list, but why not invite those nearest and dearest to you for one of the most emotional days in your lives?  It will mean so much to them that you have chosen them, and with a Celebrant-led ceremony, we can find so many lovely ways to include them as participants in the ceremony, not merely spectators.   And should you decide to, of course you can live stream to more guests or even hold an “After Party” and share your wedding Video and images.

Couples have told me how their small but beautifully formed wedding allowed them to be totally present – with each other, and with their guests.  It enabled them to create deep and personal lasting memories, and strengthened the bonds between all who were there.

Whatever you do choose, remember it is your Day, your Ceremony, and your Voice, and your Choice.  I am here to guide you and support you, whatever you choose.

My thanks to the wonderful creatives who captured these beautiful ceremonies!

Image 1 Winter Wonderland

Image 2 Chapel Wedding

Image 3 Raft Wedding on Lake

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