In conversation with a “Tog” 😊!

I love talking to other wedding industry specialists and especially photographers! On the day itself we are often in close proximity! I really enjoy being able to work with them in a fluid and restriction free and relaxing way. There is no better record of your special day than these images and film. It’s what you will probably spend as many hours looking at as you spent planning your Wedding! So it’s important to me to be as helpful as possible so that you have the best possible memories and your photographer and videographer have the freedom to do their job with ease and my support, so I’ll often use the following process:

  1. Introduce myself as soon as possible to the photographer or team who are going to be capturing the images or film. If that can be done before the ceremony then that’s great, but as I generally arrive at the venue around an hour before the ceremony start, I have time to speak to them then too. I do ask my couples to give me their photographers name, web and social media sites, so I can connect with them – plus I can look at their style and get a sense of how they like to shoot their images.
  2. Consult with the photographer in terms of how they envisage using the ceremony space and how to make sure I’m not in the way! I like to find out who is taking which shots, or setups, and of course who is taking the most important beautiful and emotional shots. This means making sure I know if there are one or two togs working and where they’d prefer me to be when they’re in the space with me.
  3. As a Celebrant it’s so important to me that the couple and their guests are the main focus. So I will always move around the ceremony space to ensure they are in clear view, and especially for the significant moments of the wedding party entering the ceremony space, the ring exchange, and the finale and exit of the couple!
  4. I really appreciate the time, energy and value that a photographer brings to the occasion, and when it comes to the ceremony I now make it a point to explain to couples just how an “unplugged ceremony” can help in terms of creating really beautiful images. The idea of unplugging phones and cameras is really catching on and I am more than happy to make a gentle announcement as guests are seated and we are waiting for the wedding party to enter. Honestly, the result- seeing your guests faces, smiles and excitement, instead of the back of their phones – is just so stunning and special!
  5. I love including rituals and symbolism in my ceremonies and as these are often very emotional and personal I make sure the Togs know what to expect, when the ceremony will play out, and where to point the lens at key moments, so that nothing is lost because of the lack of knowledge and preparation. We may have a surprise rose giving for the mums or both parents and we wouldn’t want to miss that! Or we might hold a Ring Warming Ceremony that will include every guest as the rings are passed to each one: they will hold them for a moment and warm them with their love, warmest wishes and blessings. The expressions on the faces of family and friends are just wonderful! I recently created a Hand Washing Ceremony which was new for me, and certainly new to the photographer! I explained the format and how it would flow, and she really appreciated the time we took to ensure she was able to capture these special moments for the couple.

6. Wherever possible I credit the photographer and ensure their images are uploaded to my own sites with their or the couple’s permission and without changing or editing them, so their style and copyright is not compromised. I love it when couples share their wedding pictures with me. I relive those moments too!

The first photo used here was created by Herzflimmern and the 4th and 5th, by inlovewithawolf

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