Five Great Reasons to have a Winter Wedding!

V and C held their ceremony in Bavaria near the famous castles, at a 5 star hotel overlooking the mountains
V and C held their Elopement in January 2023 in Schwangau Photo by @moonymane


Since becoming a Celebrant 12 years ago, it has been clear that “Wedding Season”, is no longer simply the months from May to September.  Whether it is about choosing the right date, anniversary, venue availability or simply because you want to steer away from the crowds, I have noticed that Winter weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.  There are lots of reasons I am sure, but for me what stands out is that the hectic pace of summer where everyone seems to have a packed diary, with holidays, outings, family occasions and yes, Weddings, this often quieter time of year is so much easier on checking with family and guests onf their own schedules and diary commitments!

I have officiated many ceremonies outdoors, from January to December here in Europe, and have to admit that with its charming winter wonderlands, it really is an ideal location for couples who want to celebrate their love in a unique and picturesque setting as well as embrace the freedom to choose from such a wide variety of scenery, locations, style and create more than memories – create a new chapter of their story, exploring together, trying something new, and sharing a whole new adventure!

For me, these are the top five reasons to have a winter wedding in Europe:

a bride is standing on the side of a glacial lake with her back to the camera. her white dress is figure hugging then flares out in a fishtail style
Helen and Jeff Eloped to Eibsee Bavaria Image by
  1. Beautiful Scenery

Europe in winter really is a fairy-tale wonderland, with snow-covered landscapes, cozy chalets, and stunning architecture.  A place of castles, palaces, vineyards, lakes and mountains!  A winter wedding provides a backdrop of white, blue and green, from the snow-capped mountains,  glacial lakes and the dense pine and larch forests, all of which create an enchanting atmosphere.

       2. Save on peak season prices

Winter weddings in Europe are often less expensive than those held in the peak summer months, especially if you book early.  There is always going to be the issue of supply and demand, and smaller hotels in ski regions might well be booked quickly, but with some forward planning, you can check off season discounts and maybe decide to spend that on indulging yourselves in fine wine and food, booking a relaxing spa after the ceremony or after a strenuous hike!

Kellie and Eddie eloped to Obersee Bavaria photo credit

     3.  Unique Experiences

If you are a fan of cooler temperatures, beautiful scenery, and perhaps a complete contrast to what you experience at home, then a European Winter wedding can offer unique experiences that summer weddings cannot match.  From a romantic sleigh ride through the snow in Bavaria, to a cosy fireside dinner sharing fondue in a mountain chalet, having your bar tender create your “signature cocktail” at an Ice Bar, or simply enjoying Mulled Wine and if you decide to come in December, then wandering around a magical Christmas Market sampling the different types of food stall produce and checking out the hand blown glass baubles is a must!   Whatever you decide to do, your winter wedding is going to give you memories that will delight you both, and charm your guests.

     4. Availability

Since the winter months of January to March/early April are often the off-season for weddings, you’ll find that many venues and vendors are more readily available. Winter Christmas markets and all the tourists will be over, but you will have a lot more choice in terms of date, location, and vendors, which means you can create your destination wedding without having to compromise. If you love skiing and winter sports, these months are simply wonderful for indulging your sporty side – and if you want to, ski down in your wedding outfits! Check out my lovely friend Cat who is an awesome photographer for inspiration too.

Winter scene with couple having a wedding ceremony in the snow in front of a frozen lake in Germany
Maddie and Scott flew from Australia to Germany for their Winter Ceremony! photo by

     5.  Intimacy

Smaller weddings allow for you to really be more “present” with each other and with your guests.  A big guest list can often make you feel overwhelmed, especially on your Wedding Day.  For this reason, Winter weddings are often more intimate, as fewer guests, more likely to be your closest family and lifelong friends, offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Smaller wedding parties give you the chance to spend more quality time with your loved ones – perhaps arriving a day or so before your wedding and booking some fun activities that you can all share before the ceremony day, such as sleigh rides, taking gondolas over mountain peaks, telling stories over a firepit, or learning how to make Strudel!  Whatever you decide, it is so much easier to create a cozy, intimate setting that will make your special day even more romantic and memorable.

Bride and groom at standing on a cogwheel train track and he is holding her whilst she is swaying backwards over his other arm in a swayback kiss
Sam and Evan on top of Mount Rigi Switzerland – Elias Davide Photo

Having experienced several winter weddings so far, all of which have been the perfect choice for adventurous couples who love nature, the outdoors, star gazing and who want to embrace the freedom to choose the perfect setting for them, I do encourage you to consider holding your Ceremony during what can be a truly wonderful time of year!

So, with my experience of winter weddings and elopements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I know how stunning these are, and would love to chat to you!  My diary for Winter 2024 January to March is open.  Book a call using the button above! And if you confirm before December 24th you’ll secure your 2024 Wedding Ceremony at 2023 prices!  email or contact me on WhatsApp +447800543426


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