New Wedding Trends

As a Wedding Celebrant, with over 10 years experience of creating and delivering several hundred weddings, all very different in terms of location, style, content and format, it did seem that certain new trends are emerging.

A wedding with a Celebrant does allow for the ceremony to be free of any restrictions, and encourages lots of creativity, innovation, inspiration, new ways of expressing this wonderful meaningful moment in a couple’s lives. I have always been a champion for those who want to do things in their own way. I love individualism, and especially when it comes to storytelling and creating a ceremony that for all couples, contains such deep meaning, joy, and emotion.

I was reminded of this podcast recently, as I look for ways to keep in touch with couples, help and support them through these obviously difficult times, and also to stay positive myself that weddings and all of life’s celebrations will be back, and these Trends that I have experienced, may well continue to develop. I really want to make sure that my couples, and potential couples, have something that might inspire them too! We all need that so much more this last year, don’t we? There are so many ways in which a Celebrant led wedding can be personalised, and I wanted to share my own experiences – all my wedding couples have been amazing, unique, and so different, but there have been elements and changes which have become more obvious over time.

I want to share these with you – you may find that some things chime with you in regards to how you want to plan your wedding. It may be that certain ideas could be adapted and personalised so that they are unique to you. In any event, the audio chat is all about some of my own personal experiences as a Celebrant. I absolutely love what I do, and want to share that passion with you. Freedom to express yourselves in a way that truly reflects and represents you is to me, so much of what makes a Celebrant wedding so beautiful and memorable.

Take a short break from your wedding planning, and grab a coffee or whatever ! and take a listen in to my own experiences. I hope this provides you with inspiration too! My thanks to James Pearson at Wedding Espresso for his support over many months and creating Weducation, a guide for all couples who are planning their big day. You can find more inspiration at

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget I am always here to listen, help, sort out your plans and reassure you that you will have the most wonderful Wedding Day. It will be the BEST.DAY.EVER whatever you decide to do.

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