Wedding Trends 2018 and beyond!

This year has been a year of so much more in terms of ceremony styles, venues and locations! Also my new bilingual ceremony offer, where I can create a bespoke ceremony in two languages – English and German- offering couples a unique and personal and inclusive experience for them and their family and guests.

like this wonderful couple who had guests from all over the world – the ceremony was conducted in Berlin at a beautiful hotel, outdoors.

Captured by Mathias Friel and styled beautifully by Sarah Linow.

I had the enormous pleasure of being asked to talk about the trends in Celebrant led Wedding Ceremonies and am delighted to share our conversation here!

A Celebrant led wedding ceremony really does celebrate the special and unique. It’s not an alternative. It’s not a fad. It’s certainly never fake.

It’s the most sincere form of creating meaning and magic and memories that will never fade of a day and of moments where couples are the true participants and partners in the next stage in their relationship, with no restriction on their style, format, content, location or ideas.

On land, lake, mountain or at home. The choice is always theirs.

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