Why Hire a Celebrant?

This is a question I have been asked many times as it’s such a new industry here in England.  There’s also the separation that’s created between the legal registration of the marriage, and what a Celebrant offers and that can raise lots of questions too.   But ask yourself one main question – Do you want to have a standard “off the shelf” ceremony like thousands of others, restrictions on where you can hold the ceremony, and on the style or length of your vows, and restrictions on the music you want to use, or do you want to have the freedom to express your relationships, your sense of style, where you actually want to perform the ceremony and at what time of day or evening?  If so, then hiring a Celebrant allows you to tick all those boxes, and more!  

It’s a role that I love because I am able to work closely with couples on all aspects of their ceremony, advising on music, choreography, content, vows, and also including their own style and their story.  You want a Disney/Game of Thrones/Mashup Theme with a little Lego and Doctor Who included?  Perfect!  You want an elegant romantic outdoor setting with candles being lit, a Rose Ceremony for your Mother and Mother in Law, and a symbolic Hand-fasting using colours from your colour scheme?  Also Perfect!  Just about anything is possible when you hire a Celebrant.

We separate the legal from the Ceremonial and Symbolic, and allow couples to truly express themselves their way, on their Day.  The legalities can be conducted separately at any local Registrar  on any day of the week to obtain the licence, often at a fraction of the cost of hiring one to attend your venue.

I am sure your Wedding Day and your Marriage Ceremony is more to you than a piece of paper, and hiring a Celebrant allows you to have full control over this important milestone in life.

For those wishing to consider hiring a Celebrant, please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your ideas and plans.



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