“What’s a Celebrant Ceremony like?”

A wonderful Bilingual Ceremony in Berlin for Tian and Andre Summer 2018 (photo credit Matthias Friel)

That’s a really good question!  A Family and Wedding Celebrant is someone who is trained in providing you with a custom made ceremony for a whole range of occasions, such as a Wedding, Vow Renewal, Baby Naming/Adoption or other special milestone, all carried out to reflect your own style and ideas.

Choosing a Wedding  Celebrant gives you the freedom to be creative and include additional rituals and customs. Popular customs are the Unity Candle Ceremony, Hand Fasting, Ring Warming and Sand Ceremony, but new ceremonies can be created using your own ideas, customs, traditions, and heritage, and also to have your ceremony in more than one language!

As a Bilingual Celebrant myself, I am able to offer ceremonies in both English/Englisch and German/Deutsch, which is a lovely way of ensuring all of your guests are able to really enjoy this wonderful occasion with you.  My bilingual ceremonies are proving to be really popular this year, so get in touch if you are thinking of holding one, as I have lots of ideas and suggestions in how to bring language and heritage and culture into your ceremony!

I will help you to develop your ideas, create,  manage and co-ordinate all the aspects of your ceremony and be there to support you on the day itself, and will conduct your ceremony with warmth and sincerity plus a bit of personality,  in front of your guests.  If you wish to include religious content or hymns, then please let me know, I am happy to include faith and ritual, – as an independent Celebrant I am under no restrictions at all, and just want to help you enjoy your day by taking all your dearest wishes on board.

This is a video of me at the “office” where I created a ceremony for Kate and Peppy, at Ham Yard Hotel, London, on their breathtaking Rooftop Garden and Lounge!  A beautiful personal ceremony full of love and laughter!

Kate and Peppy’s Ham Yard Hotel London video beautifully created by Cupcake Videos.

Getting Married in England – the legal bit!

The current Marriage Act in England is under review, with a promise to offer more choice to couples, but as it currently stands, it doesn’t allow Independent Celebrants to Register a Marriage.

However to do this, it is really simply a question of booking an appointment with a Register Office, where during a short civil ceremony that costs around £50 to £60 (although please check as many offices vary their fees) you will  make a 32 word Declaration and Marriage Contract, in front of two witnesses.  Every Register Office must offer an office based service at their premises, but please check well in advance as naturally these may be booked up very quickly. You can give notice of your marriage up to 12 months beforehand.

If you decide to register your marriage at a licenced venue, two Registrars from the Register Office will attend and go through exactly the same process – but their fees will of course reflect that they are out of office, and this will cost you considerably more.  It is important for you to decide which service and style is best for you, and to discuss options.  

Both the Registration of Marriage and the Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony can be completed on the same day if you wish.  I am more than happy to discuss how this might work, and give you advice and the benefit of my own experience working with Registrars in the past.

During the Register Office Standard Service, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to, and you also don’t need to say any personal vows or exchange rings,  as this is not a mandatory part of the Marriage Service.  You can save that for your privately conducted celebratory ceremony, led by your chosen Celebrant, who will have worked closely with you over many months, to get to know you both, and create a totally tailored ceremony for you, with no restrictions in terms of format, content, time or location.

The Register Office service is bound by contract law.  Therefore no religious or spiritual content is included, and that is why your vows, your music and your readings will be vetted carefully beforehand, which does restrict your choice with  these important and personal elements of your service.

Personally I have loved being  able to respect and work with my couple’s wishes, values, lifestyle and beliefs. I have included hymns, prayers and worked alongside family priests and clergy too, who’ve taken part in my ceremonies at certain points like Blessing the Rings, or giving a religious reading.  

couple getting married in a ceremony with a Celebrant in a decommissioned church in Peckham London
Photo by https://www.michellewoodphotographer.com Venue Asylum Chapel, Caroline Gardens, Peckham

Your Celebrant- led Wedding Celebration

Together we create a ceremony which can be traditional or modern and, we can include your guests too!  We can include custom, ritual, religion, spirituality, and so much more!  A ceremony that represents you both in a wonderful personal and authentic way.

For example, we can invited guests to take part in a “Ring Warming ceremony” before you complete your vows and exchange your wedding rings. Your vows can be traditional or created just by you, for you.  There is no need to follow any “standard” text and I am here to guide and advise you on writing your vows if you wish.

Perhaps you’d like to say your vows in a favourite place?  No problem!  A Celebrant can work in any location and in licenced or unlicenced venues.   You could make your promises to each other on the beach,  on a boat , in a forest, at home in your garden or almost any where you wish.  Where necessary you will of course need to ask permission, but the options that are available to you mean that you can let your imagination soar!

We can involve children or other family members in the ceremony, making it a truly special occasion, and because it’s written totally for and about you, it will be unique and unlike anyone else’s wedding ceremony!


Working together using email, text, phone or Skype or when possible meeting face to face – we create the ceremony you’ve dreamed about! With unlimited drafts you’re always in full editorial control. We can have a few surprises though – perhaps you’d like to keep your personal vows as a surprise on the day? No problem – I just omit them from the draft script until your wedding day!

I would love to create a wonderful authentic, inspiring ceremony for you that celebrates your unique story and style!  #lovemyjob   Get in touch soon, for a discovery discussion and ensure you have your date booked exclusively for you!  

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