Let’s Get *Safely* Wed in 2022!

Hello everyone!

What a rollercoaster it has been, and I am sure that as we move forward into the Weddings and Celebrations in 2022,  I am still mindful that there may well still need to be some care taken when it comes to holding Ceremonies and gathering guests who may have a level of vulnerability or who feel a little anxious.

Let’s just have a conversation about this and work out how we can still create a meaningful and beautiful event for you.

As a minimum I will always comply with and support any requirements that your venue has developed in terms of their overal strategy to keep staff, suppliers, and clients safe.  You may even be able to help too in a small way, so check with your venue or your suppliers and see if they have some ideas, perhaps with seating and table arrangements, catering style changes, etc.  One of my couples in September last year, offered cute little bottles of hand sanitizers to their guests as they entered the ceremony space.

With the relaxing of Rules, there is still the need to check the most current “Guidance” and I will be sure to do the same.

When it comes to some of the collaborative rituals in the Ceremony, we have been making changes and some lovely rituals which involved all guests, sadly had to be dropped altogether, such as the Ring Warming where the rings are passed hand over hand to everyone present.  However, we can instead give more weight and depth to the Ceremony by asking for everyone to send forward their loving wishes, blessings or prayers, at the time of the Ring Exchange itself, and I often add special wording here now that reflects, honours, and includes those wishes.  I also asked for individual involvement in rituals rather than involving larger diverse groups,  so that guests and family can take part.  In some rituals we just agreed to have close family groups take part.

I am always happy to discuss any element of your Ceremony with you as regards the potential health/safety COVID19/mutations/variants and how we can ensure you have a wonderful warm and memorable day!


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