A little Celebrant Blog – The First Four Years!

So, dear blog readers – It’s been a while!

I’ve enjoyed working with couples over the last four years and creating ceremonies for all types and styles of weddings. They’ve all been so different and so wonderful it’s been a real joy to work in this industry. One of my first ceremonies was for a couple who were very keen on animal welfare and organised their wedding to be held at a local animal sanctuary which meant I did the deed in a field with a herd of Cows and Bulls at my back!

Luckily they were very well behaved having been treated to their favourite ginger nut biscuits ! One was very curious about me as he came up behind me as I was reading and licked my back! It was very strange feeling his breath on my neck, but not scary at all – in all honesty it made the whole experience fun and engaging for me and the couple and their guests.

Afterwards we had fun feeding them more ginger biscuits and carrots! A lovely vegan wedding breakfast followed and we were introduced to many of the other residents on this lovely farm.  Thanks to everyone at Hugletts Animal Sanctuary on the day for their warm welcome!

Being a celebrant means working to give couples their day their way and I think we certainly did that!

Jenny and Mark at Hugletts Animal Sanctuary

Walking to the Ceremony Site!
Walking to the Ceremony Site!
Hugletts Animal Sanctuary
Hugletts Animal Sanctuary
Jenny and Mark, Sussex outdoor wedding
Jenny and Mark, Sussex outdoor wedding

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    Congrats. Peter 

    Von meinem Samsung Galaxy Smartphone gesendet.


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